UCDMC Emergency Medicine Website

The Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EMSIG) was established in 1999 to promote interest in the practice of Emergency Medicine among the students of UC Davis School of Medicine.  Emergency Medicine is a dynamic and growing field that holds many opportunities for students.    Through interaction with clinical faculty EMSIG hopes to educate medical students about the specialty of emergency medicine and its importance in the medical field as well as provide information regarding career options and emergency medicine training programs. 

 Toward this end, the group has set forth the following objectives:

·        Increasing the quality and the quantity of medical school education on emergency medicine topics and clinical skills

·        Developing a peer network for medical students aspiring to careers in emergency medicine and allow them the opportunity to assume leadership roles in organized emergency medicine

·        Providing ACEP, SAEM, and EMRA with a resource for dissemination of materials and information to medical students

·        Encouraging  and recognizing medical student research projects.

·        Recognizing clinical excellence in emergency medicine at the medical student level

Come join us in this exciting enterprise!