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::: Welcome to RadSIG
Whether or not you intend to pursue a radiology residency, radiology comprises an integral part of medicine, and is a critical correlate to anatomy curricula. RadSIG is here to help you understand radiology, interpret films, and quiz your knowledge, while also hosting doctors from the radiology field to answer medical students' questions about the field.

:::Getting Started - RadSIG's Radiology Toolkit (Basic tools for the student radiologist. Use these resources below to stay on top of your radiology and practice clinical skills. More links may be found in our links section.)

The Whole Brain Atlas - Harvard Med's interactive brain atlas. An outstanding site for review of Radiologic Neuro-Anatomy -a resource for your Spring 2004 course.

An Interactive Radiology Atlas - A great site that allows you to simlpy "click on" and have identified high yield structures for Anatomy practicals.

The Digital Anatomist - Contains interactive 2D and 3D atlases of the human body.

RadSIG First and Second Year Quizzes - Practical-style quizzes to test your radiology knowledge coodinated with first and second year curricula. Take a RadQuiz today.

Aunt Minnie's Case of The Day - Each day, a new radiographic case with films to help sharpen your clinical skills. Extremely useful for all clinicians.


::: Our Mission
The Radiology Student Interest Group (RadSIG) aims to promote the practice of Radiology amongst students at UC Davis School of Medicine by providing opportunities to learn about the roles radiology and radiologists play in the health care system and by acting as a liaison between medical students and the UCDMC physicians in radiology.

::: Learn More
Thinking about radiology as a specialty? Follow the links below to learn more..

The American College of Radiology


The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)