NeuroSIG's history and mission:

The Neurology Student Interest Group, NeuroSIG, was assembled in 1997 by a group of students who were either considering neurology as a profession, or who simply wanted to learn more about neurological examination for application in primary care or in other specialties.

The goals of of NeuroSIG are as follows:
(1) to expose medical students to the issues and practice of neurology via arrangement of speaking engagements, presentations, and discussion sessions
(2) to schedule preceptorships for medical students with local neurologists
(3) to discuss the current and future practice of neurology with regard to neurological examination within primary care and within specialties, diagnostic and treatment modalities, and interactions between neurologists and other physicians
(4) to initiate the training of neurologists to meet the increasing demand for physicians practicing the specialty

2002-03 Student Representatives

Randy Young, MSII

Ed Perry, MSII