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Davis Community Clinic is run by a private, nonprofit agency that provides primary health care to low-income, uninsured and Medi-Cal residents of the Yolo region. The majority of doctors, dentists, translators, lab assistants and patient assistants are volunteers.

UC Davis School of Medicine 2nd year medical students also volunteer their time in the clinic as part of their medical school training. Volunteers are chose by lottery at the end of the first year. Ten UC Davis medical students serve the clinic every week for an entire year (including exam weeks and vacations), allowing for a unique experience in continuity of care and long term patient-doctor relationships. In addition, four alternates are chosen. Medical students interview the patients, perform necessary physical exams, and order laboratory tests under the supervision of volunteer attending physicians.

Medical Student Staff 2002-03
Permanent Staff for '02-03:
Carrie Horn, MSII Rachel Bailon, MSII
Melissa Hubiak, MSII Scot Gibson, MSII
Jennifer Millen, MSII Nwando Mbanugo, MSII
Carmel Murphy, MSII Serena Wong, MSII
Neda Shafaghi, MSII Rini Nandi, MSII
Jessica Ferranti, MSII Lawrence Haines, MSII
Luong Huynh, MSII Diana Shiba, MSII


Clinic Schedule

 Primary Care (Appt. only) Monday - Friday
General Medicine Walk-ins (For Adults) Tuesdays, Thursday evenings
Pediatrics (Appt. only) Monday - Thursday
Women's Health Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Pregnancy Testing/Birth Control Monday - Thursday
Perinatal Wednesday
Dental Tuesday, Thursday
Teen Clinic Monday, Wednesday
HIV Testing (walk-ins) Monday - Thursday evenings
TB Testing Tuesday evenings
Immunizations (Children) Monday - Friday
Immunizations (Adults) Call to schedule
Physicals Monday, Tuesday

The Programs

Primary Care

The Primary Care Program covers primary health care problems including flu, skin problems, minor injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and stomach problems. We do not handle emergencies. Physical exams, premarital blood tests, TB testing, anonymous AIDS antibody testing, and drop-in appointments are also available during designated hours


The Pediatrics Program begin in 1984 to meet the needs of children born through our Perinatal Program. The Pediatric Program provides care for newborns through adolescence, with emphasis placed on the treatment of minor illnesses, routine physical exams, immunizations, and parent education.

Women's Health

The Women's Health Program provides preventative health care and gynecological services, including annual exams and pap tests. We also offer family planning education, birth control supplies, pregnancy testing, and analysis and treatment for urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases


The Perinatal program offers comprehensive prenatal and post partum care. Services include medical care, nutrition counseling, childbirth classes, and one-on-one health education. Deliveries are attended at Sutter Davis Hospital by midwives and obstetricians. Peterson and Salud clinics in Woodland and West Sacramento also provide these services.


The Dental Program gives emergency and primary dental care to people of all ages. Services provided include complete oral examinations, x-rays, fillings, and extractions. We see patients by appointment. The Dental Department also provides services at Salud Clinic in West Sacramento, and at Peterson Clinic in Woodland.

Teen Clinic

The teen clinic works in conjunction with schools, social services, and treatment centers to provide health and sexual education to teens. The Clinic also provides services to sexually active teens and other high risk youths. Services include annual gynecological exams, pregnancy testing and counseling, birth control counseling, STD testing and counseling, physicals, medical exams, short term counseling, and referral services. Services are also available at Peterson in Woodland and John H. Jones in West Sacramento.

Anonymous HIV Testing

The HIV Testing Program provides free and anonymous testing. HIV test counselors are trained and certified by the State Office of AIDS. Community Health Outreach Workers offer HIV prevention and education on the streets, in the jails, in Juvenile Hall, and in regular presentations made to community groups and in recovery h \omes county-wide. John H. Jones Community Clinic provides court ordered HIV tests.

Davis Community Clinic Map

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