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Since 1974, Clinica Tepati has been a non-profit, student-run clinic that provides free primary health care services to the uninsured population of Sacramento and the surrounding area. The clinic was founded by a highly motivated group of Chicano/Latinoour team students to address the need for culturally sensitive care for the undeserved Latino population of Sacramento. Today, it continues to fulfill this mission through the dedication of UC Davis undergraduate and medical students and the generosity of physicians and supporters. We care for over one thousand people each year.

Primary care services are provided for people of all ages such as health care maintenance, immunizations, STD education, and Some of the primary care services we provide include child exams, immunizations, STD Diabetes management. In keeping with our commitment to the Latino population, Spanish translation services are provided for our patients.

At the same time, Clinica Tepati provides clinical training for medical students and clinical experience for undergraduates, many who are interested in careers in the health field. Through their work at Clinica, these students are able to gain first-hand experience with the management of a clinic and with patient care. In addition, the undergraduate students have extensive interaction with physicians, medical students, and other health care workers who act as mentors, role models and advisers. By encouraging the involvement of students from minority groups who have been traditionally under-represented in the medical field and providing education and support to these students, Clinica Tepati helps build a strong foundation for their pursuit of a medical education. Working together, our students handle all aspects of the clinic's operations. Weekly classes are planned for the students about various issues regarding health policy, patient care, and medical school admissions. Each Saturday, 1 to 3 physicians volunteer their time as Medical Directors of the clinic. They comprise an advisory committee which oversees patient care and quality assurance.

Clinica Tepati has approximately 50 undergraduate volunteers. These students work on one of seven committees, each of which is responsible for a specific function of the clinic, such as pharmacy, publicity and health management. Within each committee, students work together, striving to make each committee as effective as possible and achieve the day-to-day goal of the clinic.

Medical students are a major component of Clinica Tepati's strength. In all, the majority of the almost 400 students who attend UC Davis School of Medicine volunteer at Clinica Tepati at some point during their studies, many of which dedicate significant amounts of their time from their first days of medical school. The medical students can begin to interview patients, learn to perform physical exams, and gain invaluable clinical experience under the guidance of our doctors. This provides them a unique opportunity to serve the community and gain a better understanding of a caregiver's role in an undeserved community.

Teamwork is the most vital determinant of the clinic's success. Each member of Clinica is simultaneously a member of several teams within the clinic structure. Undergraduates are members of committees, and medical students work with the undergraduate and physicians to heal, to learn, and to teach. It is the spirit of giving and collaboration, which motivates and inspires us to constantly, strives to improve our clinic and ourselves.

The clinic operates out of a space donated by the Sacramento County Department of Health (1500 C Street) and is open every Saturday at 8 AM.